Exceptional European Car Manufacturers

People in the United States tend not to think about what other countries can manufacture or have accomplished. We invest in new cars, sometimes not even thinking where they were built, unless it might be one of the expensive brand names. There are certainly European automotive companies that produce exceptional cars, but these companies are not who you think they are. When folks think of European cars, they think about the luxurious brands like BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce. But there is certainly three companies that make great economical cars. This specific article will center on Volvo, Volkswagen and Audi.


For a land containing only nine million people, it is astonishing that it is able to sustain two automakers. Sweden is that special country containing both Volvo and Saab. Of the two, Volvo, which is owned by Ford Motor Company, has had a great influence on the automobile industry. Their most significant effect on the industry has been in the area of safety attributes. Examples of their high safety standards would be reinforced roofs, and front end crumple zones. Due to their high standards for safety, Volvo built a global recognition for building great solid cars. It was through their vision of extremely safe cars that other automakers throughout the world were forced to follow suit.


You can find a car that everyone knows about, even if they don’t know its history, and that is the Volkswagen Beetle. The Beetle primarily arrived on the scene through the 1930’s in Germany as the “people’s car.” Right after World War II, it had become the most popular and one of the foremost selling cars of all time. It had become a vehicle that anyone from just about any background in life could afford. Anyone, whether they were college students, farmers or business people, could drive a Beetle. The Beetle remained trendy in the United States until finally Volkswagen stopped importing them in the 1970’s however they continued to be produced in Mexico until the the first half of the 2000’s.


When Audi first announced the all wheel drive Quattro, it was the first of its kind. Audi threw down the gauntlet, and let the automotive world know that Quattro was now the standard to judge all luxury sedans from then on. For years, their company had a large advantage over the competition, because of the Quattro technology. Their traction went beyond where other road handling schematics had achieved their peak, and was so superior, they were even banned from some types of racing.

That’s your basic history of three outstanding European car manufacturers. But when you really consider about what they did for the auto industry, the more accurate word is extraordinary.

Make Sure You Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

You might need to do a little extra prepping for your car so it is ready for the winter months. Circumstances that arise during the winter months, especially during severe weather conditions, are not the same than other times of the year. When you have a newer vehicle, it may not mean much but you should still be cautious. You’ll save a substantial amount of money if you decide to apply all of these tips, or at least some of them.

Tire pressure may drop drastically during the cold months of winter because of the cold. By being diligent, you will have a way to have better fuel economy and less chance of a flat. Make certain that your gas tank is definitely higher than a quarter full. In older cars, the gas lines would freeze if the tank was not at least a quarter full though newer cars don’t have this problem. But you must always have enough fuel to avoid being stranded. Make sure that you get an emergency kit that contains cold weather gear like gloves and hats. It ought to likewise contain some tools, flashlight, flares and jumper cables.

Well before winter arrives, have each one of your fluids checked, because some of them are affected by the conditions found during winter. You want to make sure that your cooling system is in appropriate order especially if the temperature goes below freezing. Numerous costly engine breakdowns are the result of an improperly maintained cooling system. Make certain your antifreeze is satisfactory and check it all through the winter. It is advisable to in addition have liquid for your windshield washer that will never freeze during the winter. If your electric battery is becoming older, check it out, because it could be a problem in winter. You’ll want to eliminate any corrosion you may have around the battery terminal so your car can properly start. Chilly winter weather can cut the life of your battery pack. For added protection, make sure those jumper cables remain in your vehicle at all times.

It is recommended to have your oil changed prior to winter even if it is not time yet. If you have an older car, utilizing a light weight oil will keep the parts in your car lubricated. New cars at present use lighter oil so it is not an issue. You may also want to swap your wiper blades for the wintertime as well. These types of new blades will keep your windshield cleaner from the ice and slush, and clean windows are important. You should also get the snow tires on too for the traction. To help to make it easier, you might want to get all-season radial tires.

It is best when you can prepare yourself before the winter comes. In case you delay too long you could get stuck in an early winter storm. You shouldn’t put it off, go ahead and get it done before the mad rush begins.

Change Your Driving Behavior To Save On Gasoline

There is not much you’re able to do to minimize fuel prices, but you can learn to save money on your fuel costs by driving differently. It will be the easiest way to improve your gas efficiency and it won’t cost you a single penny. You will need to change just how you drive which might be bit challenging at first. Before the rapid surge in fuel, the majority of us never really bothered about how careless we drove.

Many people never even take into consideration that their driving habits are costing them a considerable amount of money, but when you watch people drive you know they could save money. You simply won’t have the capacity to control the prices but you can control how often you go to the gas station. One of the primary mistakes we do is we all accelerate the engine too often. A large proportion of drivers are invariably accelerating, and you will notice this if you just watch how people drive. People basically have their foot over the pedal until they need to brake. You’ll find several reasons why this is a mistake, and why it affects fuel consumption.

If there’s a short distance between you and the stop light, there is no basis for you to speed up. All you have to do is release the gas and glide to the stop light. Not merely will this work well for your brakes, but when you are coasting, the light might turn green and you can accelerate without coming to a complete stop. When you coast, you will end up using a lot less gas than if you accelerated, came to a complete stop and accelerated again. Since the light happens to be red and you have got to stop anyway, why speed up to it? It’s also precisely the same for turning, you don’t need to accelerate when you make a turn.

Whenever you do this, you must brake hard in order to make the turn. If you ignore the gas pedal earlier than you turn, you won’t have to brake so hard. Your fuel economy will improve and it will extend the life of your brakes. The same thing comes about when you tailgate some other drivers, where you are always slamming on the brakes. Not merely would it cause an accident, but you are only wasting gas.

Hostile driving primarily costs you money in wasted gas, possible tickets and accidents. If you don’t hurry, you’re going to get to your destination in about the same time and you will save on fuel and lower the amount of wear and tear on your vehicle. Not just that you will be a lot less stressed out, most notably at other drivers.